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The Great Alchemical Work, Rubellus Petrinus


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The Great Alchemical Work of Eirenaeus Philalethes, Nicholas Flamel and Basil Valentine, Rubellus Petrinus

"In the realm of traditional operative alchemy there is only one kind of authority who stands within the circle of Light that the Tradition sheds, that Brother who has practical knowledge of the subject at hand and can speak from experience."
- Frater Parush (A.H.S.)

About the book:
The Great Alchemical Work is an important contribution to the study of alchemy. In the first English language edition of this 'little work,' Portuguese alchemist Rubellus Petrinus presents a sincere and invaluable guide to the operative laboratory tradition that gave birth to the Art of Hermes and its vast literature. Taking as his starting point the classic works of three well-known Adepts - Eirenaeus Philalethes, Nicholas Flamel and Basil Valentine - Rubellus offers aspirants a clear explanation of these highly cryptic, often deliberately misleading, texts. According to Frater Parush (A.H.S.), in his preface, "... the interested student will find herein one of the best publications now available of the accurate and proper understanding of some important pieces of classic alchemical cypher. Rubellus removes a good portion of the veil from over the works of Flamel, Valentine and Philalethes concerning the Great Work, and thereby opens the door to a wider understanding of other related literature." Drawing upon his more than thirty years of discipline and experience, Rubellus generously shares his knowledge that has had "all that is superficial removed from it," and daringly exposes the facts of the secret processes of the Art. The Great Alchemical Work features full colour plates with photographs of alchemical processes, products and equipment, along with rare reproductions of early woodcut versions of Basil Valentine's famous Keys.

About the author:
Rubellus Petrinus was born in Bragança, Portugal, on 25 March 1931. As a young man, he traveled to Angola where he worked in telecommunications and pursued his hobby as a ham radio operator. After reading Le Matin des Magiciens by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, he became determined to experience and understand alchemy. Although far removed from the hub of European alchemical activity, he continued his studies by reading the works of Fulcanelli. As Angola moved towards independence, he returned to Portugal and settled in Queluz, near Lisbon. For the next three decades he continued his pursuit of the Great Work, studying operative alchemy in France, Spain and his native country with the Master Solazaref, Simón H. and Roger Caro. Having made substantial progress on numerous paths - including the Dry Way, the Wet Way and the way of Kamala Jnana - he continues towards the realisation of the Philosopher's Stone, and the fulfillment of a lifetime of study and practice.

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Rubellus Petrinus (Memoirs) http://pissarro.home.sapo.pt

ISBN: 978-0-9804099-0-1
Author: Rubellus Petrinus
Title: The Great Alchemical Work of Eirenaeus Philalethes, Nicholas Flamel and Basil Valentine
Series: Modern Magistery
Language: English
Publisher: Salamander and Sons
Pub date: 01 October 2007
Extent: 128pp
Height: 210mm
Width: 140mm
Thickness: 12mm
Format: Paperback