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Alchemy Journal (bundle)


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About the Journal:

Between 2008 and 2010, the Alchemy Journal was published by Salamander and Sons for the International Alchemy Guild (IAG). During this period, four print issues were published, including two themed issues (‘Alchemical Feminine’ and ‘Alchemies of Asia’). These finely produced issues were perfect bound, printed in full colour on wood-free bond paper, and limited to 500 copies. This print incarnation of the Alchemy Journal was edited by Paul Hardacre.

Devoted to the Divine Art, Celestial Agriculture, the Mother of all Science and Wisdom, the ancient Art of Transformation: the Great Work as known by many names, the Alchemy Journal published an eclectic array of material, both scholarly and personal, logical and emotional, practical and spiritual, everyday and occult, including essays, articles, poetry, visual art, interviews, and summaries of operative alchemical processes, along with book and website reviews, sources and resources, and conference, lecture and workshop announcements.

Between 2000 and 2007, the Alchemy Journal was published online as an e-zine edited by Dennis William Hauck, and then Duane Saari.

Vol.9 No.1 Northern Autumn / Southern Spring
Vol.10 No.1 Northern Spring / Southern Autumn - Themed issue: Alchemical Feminine
Vol.10 No.2 Northern Autumn / Southern Spring
Vol.11 No.1 Northern Spring / Southern Autumn - Themed issue: Alchemies of Asia

Author: Paul Hardacre (editor) plus contributors
Title: Alchemy Journal
Language: English
Publisher: Salamander and Sons
Pub date: 2008-2010
Extent: 84-96pp (varies by issue)
Height: 250mm
Width: 176mm
Format: Paperback